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Are you the individual that you think you are?  Does your child or children act like you?  Are they individuals with independency; or individuals with codependency?
Have you ever wonder why you are the way you are?  Why you act the way you do, even think the thoughts you do? Why?  Sometimes you have to even question your own actions; because you can't believe what you just did, said or thought. You look for happiness to come from others, as oppose to creating happiness for yourself; but wait, you don't know how to make your self happy that's why you look for in others. You find yourself in and out of relationships, because they all seem meaningless to you; you can't find the satisfaction that you desire because drama is always attached to it.  Do you sometimes feel the struggle of breaking a mole that has been in the family for generations.  Okay, come on admit it; there is nothing wrong with you, its every one else that needs to check them selves right?
If we would only admit that we are stuck living out the lives of our parents, maybe just maybe, we will discover who we are under the dysfunctionality of our past.  It is thought that much of what we call codependent behavior stems from the learned behaviors of our family of birth or origin.  Yet God has designed the family as a pattern for oneness (scripture throughout the Bible will affirm this concept).  So the family is a system which has components and principles that are set up to guide us; yet if we are the product of a unhealthy family system, what is produced is the product of dysfunctionality.  A healthy marriage is based on the equality of two spiritual beings that connect at the level of their spiritual oneness.  Each is a whole person; ultimately responsible for their own action and happiness. 
My point is this: In healthy families the child is not the target of their parents' issues of shame; they are not constantly judged and meaured by their parents' frustration or anxiety ridden failures.  The child is not used for the parent to warrant a sense of power or authority.  They will not have to live out their parents' unfinished childhood.  Each child should have access to fulfill their own God-given endowment of uniqueness, talent and individuality.  Stop and think for a minute: does how you act remind you of anyone in your family?  Now is that good or bad?  Yes, you are grown and you may even be successful and with family; but are you as healthy as you can be?  Not physically, but psychologically, spiritually! WAIT, here's a question for you; "Who is the real person in your mirror?"  
In The Moment
Althea Rene
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