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Lord, Open My Eyes
Renewed In His Strength
Is Adversity Ever Caused By God?
Will You Try or Trust God in 2015?
Trusting God’s Will, No Matter how it Looks


Knowing Yourself
Understanding Depression
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Lord, Open My Eyes

Between 1875 and 1883 there was a professional thief whose very name struck fear as he terrorized the Wells Fargo stage line.  From San Francisco to New York, his name became synonymous with the danger of the frontier.  He robbed 29 different stagecoach crews.  Amazingly, he did it all without firing a shot.  Instead, Black Bart used fear to paralyze his victims. 

Fear is a powerful emotion; it can grip us with an immobilizing terror; and keep us from succeeding in life.

Renewed In His Strength

Does it ever seem like the enemy is always getting the best of you; and its sometimes hard to maintain your faith and trust in God; it’s like everything is going against you and you’re in the middle of one of the greatest battles of your life.  It’s in those times that we need the Lord more than ever. It’s in those times that our faith and trust in God is really put to the test. This is where the rubber meets the road, our talk meet our walk.  It’s easy to live for God and trust in Him when all is going well, but not so when it seems like the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders.

Is Adversity Ever Caused By God?

Does God ever cause adversity in our lives?  The comfortable but theologically incorrect answer is no.  Yet, there are many who teach that God never sends an ill wind into a person’s life; but this position cannot be justified by Scripture.  In fact, the Bible teaches that God not only sends adversity; He allows it.  However, it only happens within certain parameters and always for a reason that relates to our growth, perfection, and eternal good. Adversity:a condition of suffering, destitution, or affliction

Will You Try or Trust God in 2015?

In this life we as a people, the human race, we have tried many things as an experiment or experience; and in many cases just to be able to say that we tried this, or experienced that.  But do you know just because you’vetriedsomething, doesn’t mean that youtrustedwhat you were about to experience?   Foolishly, many of us have tried some things not knowing what to expect from the experience: drugs, gambling, a fast life, even relationships and love with someone that we knew wasn’t going to be the one; but we just had to give it a

Trusting God’s Will, No Matter how it Looks

Have you ever made plans for something to go one way or work a certain way, only to discover that its not working the way you thought it would at all.  We may have plans to buy this, do that and now its not going to happen.  In thinking about Joseph, the man engaged to Mary; he thought his life was pretty well planned: pledged to be married, all the necessary arrangements made, with the wedding ceremony soon to take place.  His plans were for them to settle down in Nazareth, he would continue his carpentry business and they would live happily ever after.

Are You Contagious?

I am convinced that Christian faith is more caught than it is taught; passed from one person to another; because authentic faith is contagious.  You see how it works for someone else and decide to let it work for you in the same fashion.  God uses contagious believers toinduceothers with the profound truth of the good news of Jesus Christ.  (Induce:to be moved by persuasion or influence;to call forth or bring about by influencing or stimulating;to cause the formation oforto arouse by indirect stimulation

Vexing Voices

This is part of a Bible study lesson that was taught; but originated from a message preached by a close friend and brother, Pastor Allen Jones, of the Greater Hope Christian Church.  

The power of a vexing voice emanates from hell; thereby this would be the voice of Satan himself.  In the Garden of Eden we observe this and have the opportunity to evaluate this strategy.  Satan appears not as a snake, but a destructive voice.  Note – he didn’t do anything to Eve, all he did was talk to her.

God Loves You!

John in his writing is not one of the synoptic Gospels like Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  Yet this powerful, prolific passage is not written by some novice, but one who has been with Jesus.  He gives us several distinct miracles that define divinity: in9:7when He told the blind man “go wash in the pool of Siloam” in11:25telling us how Lazarus was raised from the dead; thank God today for John the beloved disciple; who used over and over a ‘single’ word that declares for us the guaranteed love of God.

God Wants To Bless You!

If there is one type of sermon that really bugs people more then any other; one sermon topic that really bends people out of shape, it’s when the preacher talks about money.

He can talk about adultery – not a problem, stealing, murder, lust and it’s alright; and he can preach on cigarettes and whiskey, loose or wild women, and get cheered on.  But let him talk about money: well, he’s gone from preaching to meddling.  It’s great to watch people when you talk about money because they frown, cross their arms, look disgusted, and holding on to their wallets all at the same time.

Why Am I In This Storm?

For the past few weeks, I’ve had to sit myself down and weather the torrential storm of spoil, struggle and sorrow.  And while I struggled with the assigned trials of this season in my life; I found myself asking the profound question of, “Why am I in this storm?”  Yes, I’ve been under cover for a while, because I was trying to hide from the stress of facing all that this season had to bring.  Then it happen, I heard the answer to my feeble plead for understanding my stress.  
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